10 Most Common Nail Polish Mistakes

Most women want pretty nails. It makes your hands and feet look gorgeous. Perfectly painted nails can enhance your overall look. Many people now choose to go to a nail bar to get their nails done.

But nail bars are expensive and it is not something mandatory. With some little help you can also perfectly paint those nails of yours at home. Just try to avoid these common mistakes:

redX2Not doing manicure

There is dirt inside your nails which you need to clean up. Also your nails need to be moisturized so that the nail polish can properly stick to nails. Manicure also keeps your nails healthy.


Not filing nails properly

If nails are not filed properly, they will chip and split. Don’t use the back and forth movement; move the file only in one direction. You can file your nail again after putting on nail polish for a perfect finish.


Not taking care of cuticles well

Cuticles should not be cut with scissors or picked. This may lead to inflammation or infection. You should soften the cuticles with cuticle cream then use cuticle pusher.


Not applying a base coat

The nail polish normally sticks to the base coat. So, applying the base coat is very important. The base coat acts as a protective layer between your nail and the nail polish.


Not applying nail polish properly

You need to apply extra nail polish in areas of the nail which has a chance of chipping. After each coat apply the brush along the sides of the nail in order to seal the color. 3-4 strokes of nail polish must be applied.


Applying thick coats of nail polish

The color of the nail polish looks light inside the bottle, so women try to apply thick coats to their nail. You should wait for the paint to dry before applying another coat.


Not allowing enough time for the nail paint to set

You should wait for the nail polish to dry. It normally takes about 20 minutes for the nail polish to set.


Not putting on the top coat after applying nail polish

Applying a top coat will prevent nail polish from chipping, cracking or flaking. The top coat provides a great finish.


Taking a hot shower after applying nail polish

You should not expose your nail polish to heat after applying. So, avoid taking hot shower after putting on your nail polish.


Going to bed right after applying nail polish

If you go to bed right after applying your nail polish then there is chance of chipping and smudging. So, wait for the nail polish to dry properly before going to bed.

Try to avoid these mistakes and you can get perfect nails just like those in the nail bars without spending a dime.

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3 Products That Will Help You Take Care of Your Hair

Who do you think has the perfect shampooed and blow dried hair every time they wake up in the morning or go out? The hair care models that you watch in TV of course! It is close to impossible to get that model like perfect hair in real life.

But you can definitely make your hair more good looking and healthy than it is now by following some simple products and techniques. These are the three most important products for your hair:


Washing your hair is like brushing your teeth and washing your face everything. It’s something you must do instinctively. All you need to do is lather, rinse and dry it. Those who are born with shining hair need not bother too much about hair care, but the rest of us must give extra effort in finding the best shampoo for ourselves.


Before you buy a shampoo, you must find out your hair type; is it curly, straight, frizzy or flat? There is a different type of shampoo for each type of hair. You must buy a shampoo that suits your hair type. For fine hair, volumizing shampoo will work, for curly hair a dry shampoo is preferred. Shampoos with coconut oil or argan oil are best for dry hairs.


A conditioner provides a number of benefits. It prevents hair breakage and tangling. It makes your hair soft and smooth. The conditioner makes the hair cuticles smooth, thus giving you a healthy looking hair. Buy a conditioner that’s right for your hair.


Hair Oil

Hair oils are good for detangling and they act as heat protectants. They boost the health of hair. You can use different types of oil for your hair, like coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc. You should use the type of oil that suits you.


These three hair care products are essential for a healthy hair. Make it a routine to apply these to your hair regularly.

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6 Tips to Lose Weight Faster – #4 Is The Most Important

Do you remember how many times you had got into diet and came out of it? Did you count how many times you walked into the gym and never went back there? Well, you are not alone. Many people start the weight loss program but give up very shortly.

One of the main reason is they try it too hard. At the very beginning they give all their energy to it or start a crash diet program which they fail to continue later on. Here are some effective tips that can help you lose weight fast:

#1 Make time for exercise

No matter how busy you are at least take out 30 minutes for exercise every day. If you don’t get that dedicated time for exercise then try to walk to office or store instead of driving. Do some physical activity during the day.

#2 Condensed training program

Try out a condensed training program if you want to lose weight for a special occasion or within few days. Many fitness magazines and even personal trainers offer this type of condensed training program which lets you lose weight in a very short time.

#3 Realistic workouts

You should choose realistic exercises. Select the ones that you think you can do and will enjoy doing. For example, if you don’t enjoy running then don’t do it. Instead, you can do swimming, biking or even Zumba! You can get involved in outdoor games like volleyball, basketball and tennis which help burning fat.

#4 Cardio is always great

Do cardio training. This training helps lose weight most. Weight and resistance training does not help to lose weight fast.

#5 Avoid getting bored

Make your exercises interesting. Don’t try the same things every time. Make variations, like try swimming one day and cardio the other day.

#6 Resting is important

Get proper rest. If you don’t rest the body fats won’t burn properly. This has been scientifically proven again and again. Your muscles need to rest after a good workout session.

Again the most important thing is to be consistent and flow the exercise and diet plan. Have patience and don’t give up easily. You’ll soon shed many pounds from your body.

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